Declutter – 3

Yayy! I did it! My pantry is clean and organized. It is not always in pristine and super organized form, like in pictures or anything. But that was not my goal to begin with. My criteria were:

-A place for everything- with no need to think or make place, including the constant new purchases and never been bought before items

-Ease of access and use

-Ease of maintenance

-Child proof and child friendly

-Easy to clear/ clean 

-Long term system that will accommodate changes in menu, season, and a growingly curious and mischievous toddler

-Multiple cook friendly (Hubby can and likes to cook). I want it to be easy for him to keep making his delicious culinary experiments.

I am happy to announce that I have it all apt down. We bought groceries twice this week and putting it away was no problem at all. And cooking and cleaning have become much simpler now. Hurrah!

I am not adding photos as they are Instagram worthy. But as I mentioned, I wanted a working system and not an Instagram worthy but useless kitchen. Yippee!


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