Hmm… Our toy and storage organization from last week did not work out too well. Sigh! Guess, there is always scope for improvement. So, here is the latest arrangement.


Sure, it is not super clean and will never be featured in any magazine. But, this system works for ToddlerT and me. Dump and toss is simple enough for any young toddler to grasp and it is easier on me as well. What works goes!
Until next week, Ciao!


Declutter- 4

Below is a pic of my child’s dresser. I needed a place to keep her diapers, wipes, hair accessories and stuff. Basically, all the items to get her ready minus her clothes. 

I already had this shelf unit. It used to be full of rarely used books and forgotten electronic stuff. I cleared them all away and voila! I got a dresser for the toddler. The drawer has all the diapers stuff (supplies for a week) and the stuffed pink toy is actually a bag with her hair accessories. Plus, I can keep her favorite toy ( current favorites,  I mean) in it. 

Getting ToddlerT ready is so much better now. (Not easier still, but at least not finding items is not the problem any longer) 🙂

Declutter – 3

Yayy! I did it! My pantry is clean and organized. It is not always in pristine and super organized form, like in pictures or anything. But that was not my goal to begin with. My criteria were:

-A place for everything- with no need to think or make place, including the constant new purchases and never been bought before items

-Ease of access and use

-Ease of maintenance

-Child proof and child friendly

-Easy to clear/ clean 

-Long term system that will accommodate changes in menu, season, and a growingly curious and mischievous toddler

-Multiple cook friendly (Hubby can and likes to cook). I want it to be easy for him to keep making his delicious culinary experiments.

I am happy to announce that I have it all apt down. We bought groceries twice this week and putting it away was no problem at all. And cooking and cleaning have become much simpler now. Hurrah!

I am not adding photos as they are Instagram worthy. But as I mentioned, I wanted a working system and not an Instagram worthy but useless kitchen. Yippee!

Declutter – 2

In this week, I have taken on a huge target- cleaning out my pantry and putting it in order! What with the Hubby having cooked for four months while I was away, my kitchen is organized; but according to him! Since he stands more than four inches taller than me, our eye levels are way different causing me much confusion and distress as I cook.

Add to it the fact, that as a single person cooking for a busy adult, all the items now within reach, seem to be the quick-and-easy-to-fix meals with an acute focus on protein. Way in contrast with the kind of cooking needed in a household that again houses a toddler and a busy momma. So, in this week and the next, I am looking forward to clearing up the good old kitchen- in my way! Wish me luck!