Declutter -1

In this week, I targeted my postal clutter. With all the bills and magazines and coupons we get, I have a hard time trying to sort and keep track of them all.

My pain points were:

  • Lack of a place to keep them and sort them. I had a basket to store them and go through them later, but with a rampant toddler, it was no longer an option.
  • Organization for coupons, bills and a separate section for documents that need the Hubby’s perusal and not mine.
  • System that accommodates postponing of looking into postal items. With a toddler, plenty of times, I go to the post box merely to give her a change of activity. Unfortunately, when i reach home, I often get under a minute to hang my keys and  jump into whatever activity she needs me to assist her in.

Considering all these points, I used this old but unused Vera Bradley organizer to sort and sift my postal clutter. Yayy! My bills and coupons go into their own little pocket while docs that need to simply be handed over to the hubby or outgoing mailers go into the uppermost pocket. Plus, ToddlerT helped color the labels. Problem solved! SO far, it is working!

Declutter Arrangement for post and magazines

Organized Mail



Declutter- 0

Ok people. Back to Chicago after a four month vacation at home (India). It is spring here which means that spring cleaning is long overdue. What with ToddlerT being keeping me on my toes all the time, I have decided to spring clean one problem area at a time, taking a whole week to it but with the catch that I need to stick to keeping it that way always

For this week, I am calling it week Zero, I am trying to settle down and unpack the elephantine suitcases I brought back. Keep reading for updates. Happy weekend!