Week 21 & 22

Travelling, feasting and attending ceremonies- a fortnight of intensely packed schedules and all the activities listed at first have given this blogger a really hoarse throat, a terrible cold and worse headache. Hence, the delay in posting the weekly updates. I think I shall go on a fruit diet immediately to detox my body. My healthy diet has gone for a toss, my time and schedule haywire and socialising inclination nil.  Hmph! Adding to my woes is an extremely horrible internet connection and a change of OS on my machines. Ugh!

Anyway, here are the highlights:

Back in mumbai at parent’s place

Our friends’ were blessed with a beautiful baby gal

Met my hubby’s governess last week and showed her our little angel

ToddlerT now says ‘I Love You’! hurray!

Our weekly topic:

I am waiting for PM Modi’s free wi-fi promise to take off. Not because I want freebies but because that will certainly pave the way for better Internet connections and less frustrating experiences. With  that, I am going to end this post and concentrate my efforts on posting this little snippet of weekly thought. Bubye!


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