Week 20

Great things:
Attended my bro’s wedding ( cousin ) and met the entire gang of cousins.
The wedding was at Bangalore, where my Hubby used to stay before we got married. So, it was fun hearing him reminisce about his time in the city.
ToddlerT went on her first train journey. It was not as bad as we feared, thank God!!

Today I would like to talk about mommy cribbing. At the aforementioned wedding, a bunch of mommies, all sisters by blood or marriage including me were taking about the the dark side of being a mommy. All with the only intent of garnering sympathy from others who have been there, doing that. It felt good to let off steam, but no, I could see dirty glances and rolling eyes for some time after our conversation from other older people. Why is it that our society that does not give a second thought to gossipping, office politics, to cribbing and complaining about the world in general but has to frown down on personal conversations between mothers when they are talk about their children’s misdemeanors? Every child has been a brat at some point or the other, there is no harm in discussing it amongst intimate well wishers, us there? I wish it would change and hopefully, next time we see harassed mommies rueing yet another of their children’s antics, we shall not have to suffer silent contemptuous treatment. With a silent prayer for that day to come sooner ( ‘coz kids are not going to change).
Take care. Have a great week ahead. Ciao.


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