Week 19

Another week has flown past and it is time for the updates.

The great things that happened:
1. Had a great Darshan at the temple courtesy my grandfather who is a performing priest.
2. We went shopping for the little one and I have to reiterate how awesome it is to purchase apparel for toddler girls and women in general. ( though a little tough to actually get them to stay still to get dressed)
3. ToddlerT has befriended the neighborhood cow and feeds it fresh grass every day. The timid cow is now so used to it that it actually arrives promptly at the same time daily, looking for our little angel to give it breakfast. Cute!

For this week, I would like to talk about the importance of grandparents and friends in improving children’s vocabulary. I am quite impressed with ToddlerT’s expansive vocab now that she is surrounded by an army of grandparents, grand uncles and aunts. She is learning new words, a dozen a day at least. Yayy! Soon, I shall have another chatterbox in the family.

With that, it’s adieu from India. Namaste


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