Weekly Update – 16

List three awesome things that happened this week.

  1. Snow is here. ToddlerT loves it! She is a ‘cold climate loving’ little person like the Hubs.
  2. Started packing for a trip to India. Yayy!! [Besides, I am a temperate climate person.]
  3. I tried pineapple coconut yogurt with granola for the first time in my life. It WAS delicious.

Mention the one event or concept or person I felt strongly about.

In this post, I would like to thank reviewers. You know, the people who leave feedback and reviews of products and services and make purchasing so easy. I got some great advice and tips while making purchases for our toddler’s air travel and it made me so thankful for all the insights listed. It takes only a couple of minutes, true to leave feedback on products and services and maybe a minute more to add useful tips; but I personally know only few people who do that. In fact, I am sorry to note that I am myself not included in this list either. But no more. I shall certainly leave my honest feedback on many, if not all, purchases from today. SO, if you are someone who leaves feedback and wonders if anybody even reads it or if it matters at all, let me assure you- it does. And, if you perhaps do not or have never had a chance up till now; join me. Let’s start.

Have a great week and stay warm. Ta-ta!


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