Weekly Update- 14

OMG!! My last post in this year!!

List three awesome things that happened this week.

  1. Mushroom dish! Hubby prepared a lip-smacking side for our Indian flat breads. I loved it, especially as I am not a big fan of mushrooms. Yumm!!
  2. My twin sis and her hubby are over for four days! Yippee!!
  3. Exploring Field Museum with ToddlerT was actually amazing fun! Sure, we did not see everything, but it was oodles of excitement and enjoyment.

Mention the one event or concept or person I felt strongly about.

I would like to thank kid-friendly museums and libraries in this post. Chicago (disclaimer- the only city we have tried museums but the thanks is for all others too) has very kid friendly museums which make it a splendid experience for parents and kids alike. Be it the staff or changing stations or in general, the atmosphere, it is so relieving to take children to educational places where they can learn and have fun and yet not have to suffer the annoyed looks and disdain of unaccomodating adults. Tired toddlers, hungry babies, nobody minded. We have taken ToddlerT to the Art Museum when she was three months old, the library regularly since she was two months old, the field Museum this weekend, the Kids Museum six months ago, to mention a few and she loved it. Especially becasuse she could be herself- loud, exuberant and a constant chatterbox. Nobody minded. I am repeating myself, but it is liberating not to be judged with silent stares and dirty looks. Hubs and I were overjoyed to discover that the staff smiled and pointed to more curios/ activities. We were directed to restaurants with child friendlier menus, people talked (yep, even when she was a teeny baby) to her as a person and in general, made us sleep deprived, self conscious parents feel relaxed and comfortable. All the other visitors gave us smiles despite the fact that the little one kept up a constant stream of baby talk/ gurgles in her excitement. And on all those occasions, not one person glared at me (i was not so lucky in certain clueless restrooms) when I changed dirty diapers with loud repetitive renditions of Insy Wincy or Three Little Kittens. (Why cannot people undertsand that it’s either me singing a rhyme or have the baby shreiking inconsolably?!!!)  But never mind, here’s my big shout of thanks to all of you!!!

Have a wonderful New Year!! See you in 2015!


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