Weekly Update -12

Once more, the weekend is upon us and it is time for a roundup of all the lovely things that happened. So, here goes:

List three awesome things that happened this week.

  1.  Gobi Musallam- yes, this is a vegetarian recipe that I tried with great apprehension and it turned out delicious. I am not very gifted in the culinary department, so it was a big deal to me that the dish turned out good. Yayy!
  2. The one silver lining to ToddlerT getting a flu shot was that I could catch up on my reading. She likes to be held close and patted as she sleeps when she is unwell. So, I totally cashed on it to tick off a few items on my reading list. It was actually quite a blissful feeling- the little one cuddling up to me as i patted her soothingly, viewing insightful articles on my Kindle, and an unexpected rest as well!! Wow! (please do not judge me though, multi tasking is a necessity for this Toddler Mommy)
  3. Hubby came home for lunch today. [so that he could save time on lunch ;)]  With almost a fortnight of extremely busy days, this was a welcome surprise to have an extra half hour to ourselves. As ToddlerT napped, we chatted a bit (yup, more from me than him) on trivia and nothings. Most pleasant indeed!

Mention the one event or concept or person I felt strongly about.

In this week’s post, I would like to give a big shout of thanks to all those fellow Mommies who help, advise and contribute in real life and through their virtual avatars to other moms. THANK YOU!!! It is really confidence boosting and reassuring when fellow mommies  do any or all of the following:

  • say ‘It’s okay’
  • smile -so required when my baby is having a bad day and so, am I
  • converse -totally necessary after long hours of making do with just baby chatter
  • give me that ‘so normal’ look – even on seeing my little one at her worst while yours are perfect little paragons [especially when my kid is older… 😦 ]
  • not judge me even if my opinion contrast with yours
  • gift me a knowing smile, the smile that says ‘welcome to mommyhood’
  • say ‘wow!’ at ToddlerT’s antics- no better endorphin than that

I can add a lot more, but you get the drift. Please stay active in the same fashion and I promise to keep doing the same for other moms myself.

As an aside, I would like to also add that I would like to thank all caregivers of kids and babies and toddlers, not just the Moms. I know a lot of Dads and grandparents and others who are doing such a wonderful job giving that much needed smile, look and pep talk. It is just that my experience has been more limited to Mommies -old and new. But, I am trying not to let my inexperience bias me. So, all folks out there, keep up the good work. Ta-ta!


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