Wardrobe Challenge – 4

22. Orange Formal Top + Jeans, golden studs

23. Blue Stripes T + Jeans, silver studs

24. Green JCP T + Jeans, silver studs

25. Black MS T + Jeans

26. BrownYellow Dress top + Jeans, golden earrings

27. Green Formal top + Black Pants, golden earrings

28. Black Active T + Jeans, golden earrings

29. Gray dress top + Jeans , Golden earrings

For the last four days, I’ve worn the same pair of earrings. But, that’s also because I’ve run out of earrings. But happy that I used all my different earrings – even the studs that I rarely use (I prefer danglers or drops). Ok- I’ll be honest. I have one huge dangler that I did not use. But that is only so ToddlerT does not wrench them off along with my ears attached. (She love them too!) It’s a bright orange and green that she simply adores. But other than that single pair I am glad to say I used everything. As for dresses, it was becoming increasingly difficult not to just yank on those oft used clothes but I am so delighted I could persist. In fact, that is one of the reasons I wore so many blackish outfits in the last few days. I seem to have so many black Tees, tops – it’s silly. No more black or stripes in my next purchases. Which brings me to the next point, I need to rid myself of a lot of clothes- ill- fitting, out-of-date and a few that are simply too childish and certainly not meant for a mommy [left over from my pre-mommy days simply because they fit!! 😦 ]

Anyway, I had so much fun in this challenge- shopping in my wardrobe and discovering that I need to appreciate it a bit more even as I need to change it a bit. Thanks again Julia for your awesome challenge.


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