Wardrobe Challenge – 2

Today’s post is the weekly update on the Wardrobe Challenge.

6. Green & Black long top + Black Jeggings, green ethnic Indian earrings

7. Purple-Pink Salwar Kameez, Red danglers

8. Orange-white stripes T + Blue Jeans

9. Black and Red Salwar Kameez + Black stone earrings

10. Smog colored Cord top + Blue Jeans, greyish-purple danglers

11. Black Collar T + Blue Designer Jeans, Blue Metal Danglers

12. Maroon Green Salwar Kameez, Maroon-green drop earrings

I’m so happy with this challenge simply because I’m using all my earrings and hair elastics. I feel so happy that I’m actually using my stud earrings and often-neglected elastic bands at last. Awesome!


2 thoughts on “Wardrobe Challenge – 2

  1. So glad you are having fun with the challenge 🙂
    I am subconciously doing it again this month and already have 5 things in a bag to go.
    Have just posted another challenge. Thanks for sharing!

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