Wardrobe Challenge – Week 1

Ok, I did not click pictures but since I did follow the Wardrobe challenge for the first five days. Here is the update:

  1. White with Green Polka Dots top + Jeans; crystal green earrings
  2. Red and White Indian top + Jeans, red danglers
  3. JCPenney Orange and Maroon stripes T + Jeans, red crystal earrings
  4. Black Printed T + Jeans, large black hoops
  5. Brown-Yellow Indian top + Jeans, brown danglers (i’m wearing these earrings after a year!! Thanks Julie for inspiring me to use all my stuff via this challenge)

Ok, all my jeans are currently blue, different shades and styles. I’m thinking of getting a new pair in a different color but I love these. And anyway,the point is to use the existing clothes that are being unfairly relegated to the dark, unseen corners of my wardrobe.

I will also add that I did wear my grand red-green salwar kameez for a festival celebration at a friend’s place on the second, but that was for a few hours. Having fun with this challenge. Have a good weekend, Ta-ta.


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