October Challenges

Hello fellow bloggers! October is here and that begins my Cleaning challenge. I am all excited to make it a success.

One of my pain points is ironing. There is always a pile stashed away that needs to be done. I get around hastily to doing Hubby’s formal wear as he needs it for office. But our casual clothes always lie unhappily in a corner, making me feel guilty. Several times I dally so long that they simply accumulate until I have to attack it with a vengeance.

I found this dare over at Planet Challenge and think it will be a simple and extremely fun way to solve my recurring problem. Awesome. Challenge accepted.

I’m already looking forward to get some ironing done so I have unique stuff to wear everyday. Excellent way to start this month.

Any tips to make ironing fun and quick are most appreciated. My next biggest challenge is  finding a practical system to take care of my post, bills and receipts. With BabyT being an active toddler, my Do-Delegate-Dump philosophy is not very useful. I am trying to come up with an easy workable solution. Let’s see how that goes.

Happy cleaning and keep writing folks. Sharing is caring, so let em know about your tips for a tidy home and organized paperwork. Ciao for now.


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