Weekly Update – 8

Oh my Goodness, has it really been two months since I began the weekly update? Time sure flies. Well, here’s this week’s update.

List three awesome things that happened this week.

  1. We all went to see the firecrackers for Diwali celebrations in the Aurora temple of Greater Chicago. ToddlerT loved the display and kept saying Firecrackers and Wow! each time a cracker lighted up the whole sky. I don’t know what was better, the display or ToddlerT’s delighted babble. (Ok, I do know- it’s the latter. :P)
  2. We had our very first snow shower today. It was splendid. I am so looking forward to ToddlerT discovering snow and ice and making a snowman. She’s seen two winters (she was born in peak snowtime- hence, two winters despite being a little under two) but has yet been too young to really savor the wonders of it. I can’t wait to see her Eureka moments.
  3. ToddlerT has taken to dragging her favorite clothes all through the house. I hope this is a phase but it’s silly and cute for now. I love it!

Mention the one event or concept or person I felt strongly about.

It’s Halloween today. We’re dressing up ToddlerT as a LadyBug. For this week, I’d like to stress the importance of celebrations- ours and others’. I’ve grown up in Mumbai and so, celebrated a lot of festivals other than my own family’s. It’s a great way to stay connected to your own culture and roots while also learning about other people’s customs and cultures. While I certainly am not in favor of ostentatious and break-the-bank kind of revelry, I do think it important to indulge in traditions-old and new. Plus, in today’s hectic and super stressful lives, such events spark happiness, entice people to meet with old friends and new and catch up with LIFE.

So, have fun. Smile a lot. Stay connected (to real people, not just virtual ones. Enjoy life. And Happy Halloween!!


Wardrobe Challenge – 4

22. Orange Formal Top + Jeans, golden studs

23. Blue Stripes T + Jeans, silver studs

24. Green JCP T + Jeans, silver studs

25. Black MS T + Jeans

26. BrownYellow Dress top + Jeans, golden earrings

27. Green Formal top + Black Pants, golden earrings

28. Black Active T + Jeans, golden earrings

29. Gray dress top + Jeans , Golden earrings

For the last four days, I’ve worn the same pair of earrings. But, that’s also because I’ve run out of earrings. But happy that I used all my different earrings – even the studs that I rarely use (I prefer danglers or drops). Ok- I’ll be honest. I have one huge dangler that I did not use. But that is only so ToddlerT does not wrench them off along with my ears attached. (She love them too!) It’s a bright orange and green that she simply adores. But other than that single pair I am glad to say I used everything. As for dresses, it was becoming increasingly difficult not to just yank on those oft used clothes but I am so delighted I could persist. In fact, that is one of the reasons I wore so many blackish outfits in the last few days. I seem to have so many black Tees, tops – it’s silly. No more black or stripes in my next purchases. Which brings me to the next point, I need to rid myself of a lot of clothes- ill- fitting, out-of-date and a few that are simply too childish and certainly not meant for a mommy [left over from my pre-mommy days simply because they fit!! 😦 ]

Anyway, I had so much fun in this challenge- shopping in my wardrobe and discovering that I need to appreciate it a bit more even as I need to change it a bit. Thanks again Julia for your awesome challenge.

Weekly Update -7

List three awesome things that happened this week.

  1. BabyT recognises few numbers and alphabets now. It’s so wonderful to see her learning new things every day.
  2. The weather has been quite splendid the past two days. A delightful change from the wintry blast we’ve been having.
  3. Hubby prepared yummy almond halwa and MysorePak for Diwali.

Mention the one event or concept or person I felt strongly about.

I read some extremely insightful articles about comments and advice to pregnant women. I agree, and am sorry to say that before BabyT arrived; even I was guilty of saying cliched things that were not so nice. I only found how annoying it is when I heard all those crappy lines. As a Mommy, I went through quite a few problems -food aversion, weight loss in the first trimester, nursing and later weaning issues, baby blues, went through the NICU experience (strength to those who do go through it), to name a few. And I know that sometimes at such times, we are not in  the frame of mind to receive comments- however well intentioned, let alone advice. not from random strangers or even acquaintances. Unless it’s a very close member or my own doctor or a confidant I’m specifically asking advice from, I did not want advice or comments. So, I’ve decided to adopt the awesome suggestion and keep my observation limited to: You’re looking wonderful and advice as: Live in the moment!

Sending lots of strength and energy to Mommies and Daddies (they go through a lot too!)! Enjoy the weekend.

Wardrobe Challenge -3

13. Blue Baggy T + jeans, crystal studs

14. Orange-violet Salwar Kameez , Flower earrings

15. Blue jeans, Brown dress collar top

16. Blue Jeans + StJohns Top

17. Green Top, Jeans

18. RedWhite T, Brown Jeans, RedWhite earrings

19. Yellow T, Jeans

20. Blue Dress top, Jeans

21. Colored VNeck Salwar Kameez, grey earrings

Weekly Update – 6

List three awesome things that happened this week.

  1. BabyT discovered the joy of watching the autumn leaves fall.
  2. I am happy to have organised half the kitchen and pantry.
  3. Stuffed myself silly with lots of Rasmalai.

Mention the one event or concept or person I felt strongly about.

I would like to stress the importance of fitness and healthy diet in everyday life today. In the humdrum of our daily lives, it’s so easy to slip up and eventually let go of exercise and good diets. Hubby and I are ourselves, guilty of the same and so, trying to work on the two. What with Hubby’s stressful job and my helter skelter (we are grateful, of course) schedule due to our active toddler, our diets and fitness regime are sadly lacklustre. But we are trying to remedy that.

Health IS wealth. That is our mantra starting this past week. Wishing ourselves and all those trying to eat and be healthy, good luck!

Wardrobe Challenge – 2

Today’s post is the weekly update on the Wardrobe Challenge.

6. Green & Black long top + Black Jeggings, green ethnic Indian earrings

7. Purple-Pink Salwar Kameez, Red danglers

8. Orange-white stripes T + Blue Jeans

9. Black and Red Salwar Kameez + Black stone earrings

10. Smog colored Cord top + Blue Jeans, greyish-purple danglers

11. Black Collar T + Blue Designer Jeans, Blue Metal Danglers

12. Maroon Green Salwar Kameez, Maroon-green drop earrings

I’m so happy with this challenge simply because I’m using all my earrings and hair elastics. I feel so happy that I’m actually using my stud earrings and often-neglected elastic bands at last. Awesome!

Weekly Update – 5

List three awesome things that happened this week.

  1. BabyT loved the Halloween atmosphere in our local library.
  2. BabyT now knows how to use Facetime! Go baby go!
  3. A family member bagged a great job on completing his MBA. Awesome. Congratulations!

Mention the one event or concept or person I felt strongly about.

Be a firelighter.Everyone needs at least one. Some person that we can count on to spark some happiness and cheer and inspiration into our lives. People who smile a lot, are very positive.

I love my own firefighters – my Mom, twin and a bunch of gal pals, Hubby dear. They cheer me up totally when I’m down and sometimes just like that. Simply because they like me. I try being a firelighter whenever I can and trust me, it’s awesome. So, let’s be optimistic and upbeat because we have the gift of the PRESENT.

Enjoy the weekend. Ta-ta.