A Neat Challenge!

As the new month approaches, I’ve decided to take on a new challenge. Something that has been simmering in the back of my mind. Cleaning and staying neat.

Right now , I am not aiming for super clean, I am so organized, I can give people advice worthy clean but simply fairly neat. With BabyT turning twenty months and us settled into this new apartment and no more fussing for Grandma (my poor baby!), I can actually focus on this aspect of my household chores.

I am going to call October my Cleaning month and I have in all honesty already begun identifying problem areas. Here’s to a month of being creative while being clean and hoping to make it a regular habit.


Weekly Update – 3

It’s amazing interesting horrible startling how quickly another week has gone by. So, it’s time for a weekly update. I find it slightly sad that I have been doing weekly update for three weeks in a row. But then, the thought of five, or was it six weeks of no writing at all comes flashing to me. Obviously, the present alternative is better. So, here are the answers for the week.

List three awesome things that happened this week.

  • BabyT loves watching the trucks go by. She loves gazing out of the window (so long as I’m with her). It’s wonderful to see her so.
  • Finished reading the book Boy Meets Girl by Meg Cabot. Awesome. I love her epistolary style novels.
  • My Dad’s birthday. It’s today actually. BabyT got the words Happy Birthday almost right on Skype and that¬†really made his day.
  • I know this is the fourth but I have to mention that India successfully accomplished MOM. Yahoo! As an Indian, I cannot help but feel proud and list this point. ūüôā

Mention the one event or concept or person I felt strongly about.

For today, I would like to talk about¬†the usage of the Magic Words and politeness in¬†speech. It is silly ¬†disappointing how those four words are fading. I am trying to teach them to BabyT through my own example and I am appalled to see the lack of polite conversations in adults. It’s as if we adopt these words only in the presence of little pitchers. I, for one, still do use all the magic words. Yes, I truly do.Admittedly, my¬†Mom, to this day, admonishes me if I fail to mind my P’s and Q’s. Hmmm… I am also sorry that I need somebody to monitor me. And that so do so many of my peers.

It makes me wonder if my generation is slowly throttling politeness. We are embracing brevity in everything. That’s good ¬†but not entirely. I think of¬†Twitter, IM, 20-20 IPL, SMS language. We use minimal words. Ideally, that should be wonderful and lead to more powerful verse ( a la Ernest Hemingway style) ; but is it? I mention that our four magic words are fading. That is not the trouble. What I fear is that slowly, these four words are dying and four letter words are taking over.

Sounds ominous, doesn’t it? Hence, I’m trying to consciously adopt a more polite than necessary attitude. I can’t make the world change, true, but I can make my world change. At least a little bit.

On that hopeful note, thank you for reading this. And sorry, if there were any errors. (If so, please do mention them in the comments or email me.) Have a splendid weekend.

Weekly Update – 2

List three awesome things that happened this week.

  1. A dear relation announced that she is going to become a Mommy. Awesome!
  2. We went to the library, renewed my card and brought some great books for BabyT. It was amazing how babyT ‘s face lighted up in the library.
  3. Some of our relatives from California came over. We had so much fun catching up and chatting and devouring Hubby’s delicious cooking.

Mention the one event or concept or person I felt strongly about.

I feel strongly about introducing kids to books. It is very important and I am glad that we are gifting BabyT the habit of reading. Books are good.

Weekly Update – 1

It’s been a month since I posted. Everyday I think to myself, I’ll post today. But no, something comes up, or I blank out or my writings do not seem worthy to be changed from Draft to Publish status. And finally the week passes and I’m filled with guilt at not having posted anything for a whole week. Not even a single line or a photo or even a quote. Ang guilt ridden and annoyed, I shut down my device and contemplate. and whoosh, there goes another opportunity to have posted something, to have written down something, penned a line or two.

And that’s how I spent the whole past month, thinking about writing , about crafting a delightfully awesome post that I’d be proud about. A brag worthy post, a paragraph or two that I could read with a satisfied grin. But here’s the realization that came to me. Unless I actually start typing, that’s not going to happen. Besides, more often than not, it’s only five whole minutes of typing later, that my words actually start to flow. The most witty of phrases¬†¬†(in my mind , at least) come rushing and I get that heady feeling of being able to write.

So, to foster this habit more and combat the lack of words, I have decided to publish a post every week entitled Weekly update in which I’ll list answers to the following questions:

  1. List three awesome things that happened this week.
  2. Mention the one event or concept or person I felt strongly about.

I’ve decided to publish this by Friday 4pm CT , each week. Deadlines spur writing for me like nothing else. Hopefully, I will have published other posts as well. But if not, this is a great idea anyway. To more writing and many successful challenges ahead, here are my answers for the week.

  • List three awesome things that happened this week.

Baby loved the new car. We went to the temple to seek blessings for the new purchase and had a fine time with our friends with a sumptuous dinner and great company. Hubby and I had the most awesome ride in the new car with a lovely scenic route (to the temple), romantic weather and lovely conversation. Since Baby wisely chose to sleep, we got to talk as opposed to sing Old MacDonald and Ten Little Indians the whole way. Not that I mind, but it feels nice to have quiet conversation without pausing for the little one, once in a while.

  • Mention the one event or concept or person I felt strongly about.

I heard about the Ice Bucket and Rice Bucket and The BookBucket Challenges. While some people are totally missing the point of these challenges, I must say that I admire all the people who are sincerely trying to make a difference. It’s applaud worthy how¬†people are trying to rope in more support and help and awareness for noble causes. I myself, am not a wonderful donor or anything which is why I truly admire those who actively contribute for such causes with their time, effort and money. Kudos¬†folks. I’m trying to help out in my own miniscule ways too…