Long weekend -Day 5-9

Some amazing moments during the long weekend including:
Amazing DC trip
Rolling Thunder rally
Glen Allen, Virginia’s public park and pool
Grilling paneer, cauliflower florets and having vada pav at cuz S and A’s place
BabyT enjoying with her cousins M and R
BabyT’s first ice cream. Oh, the joys of watching your baby messily enjoying ice cream! Priceless.

This picture is of a million dollar note. While I follow a religion other than Christianity, the words on the back were inspiring. So, had to share.



Other wonderful moments were our walk in the park and trip to Albany to meet Sis-in-law D.

New York’s gorgeous skyline, albeit through a bus was also marvellous.
Hoping for great moments for everybody and a splendid week ahead.



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