Flash fiction- Six Words

Life- either try or trying life!

this is in response to flash fiction prompt from Daily Post. Link can be found here.


Day 4

  1. Went to Michael’s so Mom could check out embroidery stuff. That is one amazing store. BabyT enjoyed all the sights and sounds.
  2. Shopping at the mall was fun. We definitely need to come back for a long visit to BareMinerals.
  3. Dinner was Mom’s treat. For getting a First Class in her MBA. Congratulations!!!! Hip Hip Hurray!
  4. Loved the Thai Green Vegetable Gravy.
  5. I made Kadhai Paneer from a food blog recipe. Not bad for a tentative first attempt.
  6. BabyT can now identify the moon and point to the sky. She also know what and where our noses are!
  7. The weather was amazing yesterday. Despite being severely overcast and gloomy, we did not need sweaters at all. Yayyy! Spring is truly here.

Day 3

Tortilla chips and guacamole. Love this combination. (Even though I do not like onions.)

BabyT had lots of fun with all her friends from our apartments.

Yesterday, a few of our friends celebrated a festival called ‘Kanya Puja’. BabyT got gifts for being one of the little ‘kanyas’.

We enjoyed homemade sweets for the same function – courtesy our friends.

I have finally started Camp Nano. Wish me luck folks.

Day 2

Weekend was great.
BabyT enjoyed going to Brookfield Zoo.
The Dolphin show was amazing.
We had puris and sabji at home.
I prepared Fried rice and Butter Paneer Masala at home. Turned out pretty decent.
Cuz R blessed with a baby boy. Mother and fine both healthy and recovering well. Yayy! BabyT’s set of playmates are growing.
The weather is improving.