View from college!



Chennai to Chicago!

Hello All!
This week’s challenge is to walk from Chennai to Chicago.
No, I have not lost my marbles. It’s just that I will be traveling tomorrow with BabyT and my MIL from Chennai to Chicago. Since babyT dislikes sitting and prefers active people for company,I shall have to walk during the entire flight. So, I shall walk and talk and sing my way toWindy City. Keeping baby happy while staying sane and nursing her in-flight and not annoying most of the passengers will be a challenge.
See you from the other side of the Pacific with my next post. Namaste!


Baby T!

Baby T coming home from the hospital. Even now, at six months, this is one of my favorites snaps of her- happily dozing and ready to go home.

And how is this relevant to this blog? Well, Motherhood IS a challenge!

Hope I am half as nice a Mommy as mine. 🙂