Cutting it!

Today’s challenge for me was cutting babyT’s nails.

She is quite jumpy about it, so I usually sneak up to her while she is asleep and finish the job. But for the past few days she barely slept in the mornings. Or it was a Friday.
Our old wives tales state that one should not clip nails after sundown or on Fridays. It drives away the goddess of Wealth apparently. There is a scientific explanation to this it I am still to realize it.

Anyway,the long and short of it is that I just had to cut my darling sweetie’s nails today. She dozed off and I grabbed the clippers, ready to act. Baby had other plans though. She woke up, eyes wide open, staring as if she had caught me red-handed.

But this new Mommy has learnt a few tricks of her own. Lots of clicking noises and a babble later,Baby’s nails were clipped and soft AND her mood was still happy. Truly a worthy accomplishment for the day!