Four Already!


This was T when she arrived home! Her first car trip and outing!

She turned four this month and I am amazed at where time went! The days sure were long, but the weeks so short!!

She is also the reason why all our Valentine’s Days are so special. Because T came home on Valentines, four years ago; after eight nerve-wracking, heart breaking days in NICU!

But, all’s well that ends well! With a quick thanks for our blessings and a prayer for all, have a glorious weekend ahead folks!


Criticism- Flurry of Thoughts

Today’s post is a response to the Daily Prompt : Criticize

These are my thoughts in no order of importance, just the sequence in which they occurred to me!

  • My inner voice is my biggest critic.
  • Most of my girl friends and female cousins also suffer from having horrid inner voices. These can range from mildly unkind to debilitatingly harsh voices! Sad, but true!
  • Motherhood has made me sensitive and more prone to worrying. Hence, I can ‘sense’; sometimes incorrectly, criticism in feedback or advice!
  • I try not to be critical after becoming a mom! Since, I have realized that what works for one family might not for another. Let’s face it, Hubs and I don’t see eye to eye on loads of topics when it comes to parenting.
  • Related Confession: I do judge people who insist that Hubs or I follow their parenting techniques. Do you know if it suits my kid or our family ideologies and values? Is it necessary? Will it work? How do you know we have not tried it? I mean sharing your strategies is great, I shall keep it in mind but insisting we follow it is silly!
  • While social media is a boon and the various technologies to connect are simply splendid; it also comes with a flip side. That anyone and everyone now has a chance to criticize others. The same platforms that make it simple for me to stay in touch with my geographically separated family and friends also inflict criticism from random people I don’t know and who don’t know me either! Thankfully, I am not famous; so, I don’t have many trolls in my (virtual) life. Plus, I know how to use the ‘Block’ options. But it still feels unfair and upsetting. Throw in points 1-3 and it can make a woman really miserable.
  • Whenever I think of criticism, I always remember my mom’s advise on my homework. I need to critique a literary piece of work for my English class. I do not recall the title of the poem, just that it was a very sombre poem. Hence, I had put an overly critical and mostly negative assessment. [because i liked happy texts; still do!] My mom looked it over and asked me how I would feel if it had been my poem.

I changed it. Sure, I included the flaws but used the Sandwich technique to insert them between the merits. And that changed the tone of my essay entirely. I aced the homework but more importantly I learnt a life lesson- how to deliver ‘a critique’ : with careful choice of words and empathy. (Like my mom did with my essay)

  • Talking about great ideas, I recently read about the technique of ‘feedforward‘ on Marshall Goldsmith’s blog! What a fabulous idea! I am definitely choosing this strategy for advising, critiquing or giving feedback!

On that note, please leave your comments and suggestions for improving this blog and my writing. Feedforward please!

Wardrobe Challenge

Hello February! Starting January 1st, I resumed the Wardrobe Challenge and here are the results:

 These are my observations:

  • I do have enough clothes. So, I feel blessed.
  • Finally, I can throw away my old, ill-fitting clothes and those that need mending. No regrets, since I tried them and now know exactly how ill fitting or irreparable they are!
  •  My jeans are all ripping at the knees thanks to chasing and playing and scooting after my active preschooler. So, shopping is on the cards for cheap and sturdy jeans! 👍
  • I actually mixed and matched outfits and found some great pairs.
  • While I only shop for items I am sure  of, I realized that I have been experimenting a little with my style to embrace turning thirty and being a little girlie’s mom. It is delightful and exciting to discover new looks and changes that are more in tune with this phase of life.

With that, it is off to research Jeans that will survive hectic motherhood!😎

Alphabet Time

 While attempting to reinforce alphabet recognition, this is a repurposed game that T and I made ourselves.

We used an old alphabet page, cut up the letters (scissor practice is a pre-writing skill) and placed them in this chocolate box.

  Now we do letter recognition as well as matching upper case and lower case alphabets. 

While not exactly original or wonderful, activities like these help pass time (especially in winters) while having fun and being educational! Plus, the actual creation of something useful from waste/ unused items itself is so enjoyable! Win win! 
On that happy note, enjoy the weekend folks!